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It was in the winters of 1973, when a band of over three hundred strapping youngsters
passed through the hallowed portals of the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun with stars

on their shoulders and a chance to safeguard the sovereignty of our Nation, India. Exactly after
a chequered and adventurous life journey spanning over five decades, the band of boys of

52 Regular and 36 Tech assembled at IMA from 14-16 Dec 2023, with their spouses this time,
as veterans to pay their respects at the place which turned them into hardy soldiers from young
men. This long journey for them has been arduous, adventurous, fruitful, satisfying, eventful and
a humbling experience.

They came from all corners of the country and some across the seas. They reminisced
the days gone by recounting the days spent in their cradle, in IMA, under the best of instructors
and ustads who inculcated in them the finest qualities of leadership which stood them through
the thick and thin of a very demanding professional life.

Apart from general bonhomie and camaraderie seen in the body language and gestures,
the recharged atmosphere created in these three days was boisterous, at time juvenile as is to
be expected.

In Upholding the course spirit, the ceremony commenced with remembering and paying
tributes to their fallen buddies. The befitting welcome by the Commandant, IMA
Lt Gen VK Mishra, was a great reminder that the cradle never forgets those who took their
learning from here and became its ambassadors for life and after.

Wreath laying in the memory of fallen heroes martyred followed.


These officers have served in all parts of the country and many have served in overseas
assignments too. The course has also produced two Army Commanders. Officers from the
course have done many command and staff assignments at various ranks all through their
service, including command of formations and premier Army Training Institutions. Besides
awards for bravery, many from the course are also in receipt of multiple awards for distinguished

Some of the officers from the course, post retirement, have become entrepreneurs with
startups, in manufacturing, technology and security affording employment opportunities to
scores of Indians. Others have joined the corporate world and excelled in the fields of
Information Technology, Tele communications, Flying, Energy, Social Sector and so on, in the
process further contributing to Nation building.

The Indian Military Academy expressed pride in the service and achievements of the
course of 52 Regular & 36 Tech and wished the band of winters of 1973 and their families
happiness and reminisces and thank them for visiting the Academy after half a century.

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